Canon – invariable masculine noun and adjective; from the french expression « boire un canon ». 
Meaning: Drink, quench your thirst with a glass of wine / alcohol.

A selection of a dozen white and red wines chosen from producers close to our values ​​such as quality, proximity or even transparency in production methods.

The wines are offered by the glass, on tap but also to take away in bottle and magnum format, in returnable bottles. Other desires? No worries: we also have a wine list with older vintages, as well as a selection of “Coup de cœur” wines, by the bottle, which changes regularly.

Local beers on tap and non-alcoholic drinks, nonetheless original, accompany the selection of wines.


Gueuleton – masculine noun 
Familiar; Excellent meal, plentiful, generous and often cheerful.

The gueuletons from 11h30 to 14h
Mic check, mic check… We are there for your big and small appetites all day long!
From 11h30: Street doggy dog deluxe hot dog, Cheeky chicken roll, our classics and daily suggestions! 

The gueuletons from 17h to 22h30
We take out the evening pots !
To begin with: a selection of INTRO – small dishes to share, inspired again and again by our dear STREET!
To continue, let yourself be surprised by our FREESTYLES: inspirations of the moment.
We keep the CLASSICS and you can still taste our hot dogs.
Some FEATURING with extraordinary products that we fetched from friends!
And finally, the OUTRO and you finish with a sweeeeeet touch:  “I’m in love with the coco”… a recipe envied by the great SNOOP!