Street Cellar is a living space that offers an innovative wine service concept, an original street food menu, all in a contemporary street art atmosphere.
It is about democratizing the wine on tap by reproducing the experience closest to tasting in the cellar at the winemaker’s. Friendliness, quality and authenticity are the key words in a setting combining urban art (engraving, painting, music, exhibition) and culinary journeys oriented towards street food.

We are Arthur and Julien, both graduated from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. We’ve been around the world before returning to Lausanne to offer this innovative concept.
We are pioneers in Switzerland in the use for a wine bar of the eco-concept of Keykeg, wines on tap.

The advantages are numerous: the wine is always served at the right temperature, no production or management of glass waste or cardboard boxes, therefore less packaging and carbon print! 

Transport and storage are optimized. This allows us to promote a short circuit, directly from the winemaker’s cellar to your glass, simply passing through the Street Cellar cask.
This unusual and innovative system allows us to offer optimal qualities of conservation, service and tasting with a view to combining sustainability and pleasure.
In short: at Street Cellar, no wine lessons, no pretentious labels, no lengthy speeches, just a nice selection of local wines served in a warm place combining wine culture with urban culture.


By using our kegs (mostly recycled), we reduce our carbon footprint by 60% by optimizing transport, storage, packaging and glass disposal!
In addition, with our returnable bottles, we reuse them forever!
Isn’t that nice?


We are committed to putting a priority* on local, seasonal products and proximity to our suppliers.

* we only allow ourselves rare deviations to make you travel!


You won’t find a single plastic packaging at STREET CELLAR because there is already enough of it in our oceans!

We are also committed to fighting food waste!